Celia Kettle is a British born artist, living and working in Spain, who completed a Fine Art Degree at Middlesex University London. Her previous studies include Art and Design at Ripon and & York St John and figure and landscape painting at Blackheath School of Art under the tuition of Clive Garland.

Her work combines paintings, sculptures, photography and video, focusing on the importance of materials and objects to evoke a poetic reflection of emotional states.

Her love of painting, which she shared with her mother, shows a particular admiration for the expressionist paintings of artists such as Oskar Okoshka and Ken Kiff, especially their use of mark making and the importance of colour. Her father was always designing and building things, and later inspired by the works of artists such as Cathy de Monchaux, and Doris Salcedo, she developed a fascination for altering everyday objects in a way that reflects on,and sets them free from their original use.

The ideas behind her art work concern the identity of the individual and how they express themselves through, the dynamics of relationships. Her father, being of British Indian descent, had passed onto her a sense of difference, a sense which has been heightened by the experience of living and communicating within a culture and language that isn’t her own.

She has shown sculptural work collectively at the National Gallery, London, and in Spain, as part of an open air exhibition, at the costal-town of Javea. Also exhibiting sculpture, painting and graphic works during the arts festivals of Russafart, and Confusion in Valencia. These pieces are now on display as part of the Art Box Project at Basel Art week in Miami, USA.

Celia is currently working towards a solo exhibition drawing out the connections between the different media, through ways of using the exhibition space.

As a child Celia also loved to write and illustrate her own stories, an interest that later in life became renewed through the experience of being a mother. Her children’s stories are currently published as e books on Amazon.