Water flows by the canals and locks of Camden Town

Carrying along with it the dancing lights of intimate bars

Like effortlessly melted thoughts

Reflected on its surface

Only to splash rudely against walls

Awakened suddenly from a different place

But surprised to have existed somewhere together.

The images and ideas for my recent work began as a poem. Writing for me is a way of associating images with feelings, as well as creating a narrative from experiences. I am painting about water and I like to make it an element of the work, allowing the paint to create its own marks depending on how it dries. Exploring the physical qualities of the actual objects I am trying to represent is an important part of my process. This process came from one time when I let water with paint dry in a wine glass. I liked the effect it left of a network of fine lines painted around the inside of the glass. I had been painting about depth and surface reflections on water and wanted to see how it would look if I used actual wine glasses as my canvass, allowing paint in different tones to dry across a group of glasses in a similar way to painting tones of colour on a flat surface. From there I became fascinated with painting the circles left from the bases of the glasses, and seeing how the water reflected the paint below. I am currently working on a series of paintings based on circles. I begin by drawing a circle in pencil on paper which I later paint with water and acrylic and see how long I can contain the water in the circle by adding paint and colour until the point at which it spills over. The way the paint moves across the paper and dries depends on the different qualities of paper . I see this process as painting in collaboration with the material. These circles have come to symbolise the individual, with the water spreading out towards the others like words in a conversation. The experiences of living and communicating in Spanish, as well as working helping people to understand my own language, have contributed to shape the ideas behind this work. So that water becomes like language, a medium for connecting thoughts between individuals. Although its depths can’t always be seen, just like words can’t explain all of the meanings.